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About the author

My name is Stephen Kneale. I am married to Rachel and have a son called Clement. My wife and I also have a second child on the way. I am the pastor at Oldham Bethel Church, an FIEC church in the Greater Manchester area of the UK which is also affiliated to the North West Partnership.

I hold qualifications in History & Politics (BA, University of Liverpool), Religious Studies & Philosophy (PGCE, Edge Hill University) and Theology (MA, Kings Evangelical Divinity School). I have also contributed to the academic journal The Evangelical Review of Theology and Politics.

My theological convictions can be described as Modern Reformed Evangelical. I hold to the doctrines of grace, credo-baptism (significantly informed by my Grace Baptist/strict & particular baptist background) and subscribe to the traditional tenets of Evangelicalism.

My political convictions can be described as left-leaning. I favour public ownership, wealth distribution and a regulated economy. I believe in fairness in the markets and freedom for the individual.

Hopefully these things will help you make sense of what is written here.